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History of Klaipėda Construction School

The history of Klaipėda Construction School started 46 years ago. In the school chronicle there is the following record: “Klaipėda 41st Secondary Vocational Technical School was established in 1969”. With such a name the school then started its life. The first principle Vaclovas Normantas headed it till 1982.

From 1982 to 1984 the school was headed by Stanislovas Jonušis. In 1988 the school was given the name of Klaipėda 5th Vocational Technical School.

Principle Klaus Grudzinskas headed the school from 1984 to 2007. In 1990 the school was given a new name. It became Klaipėda Construction School.

From 2007 to 2016 the school was headed by principle Steponas Rimkus. It provided secondary and vocational education corresponding to the requirements imposed on a chosen modern vocational sphere of activity, prepared high qualification professionals able to integrate into Lithuanian and foreign labour market as well. School community constantly improved their teaching programmes, provided up-to-date knowledge and good vocational skills, and prepared high qualification professionals able to integrate into Lithuanian and foreign labour market. During the whole period of its existence more than 9000 professionals graduated from the school.

While developing vocational training it was endeavoured it to become an equivalent part of lifelong learning system. Teaching programmes were dedicated to people of various age and people having various education. The school provided 10 formal vocational training programmes: joiner, frame house producer and mounter, furniture maker, decorator (builder), building restorer, building materials sales assistant, high-rise building mounter, construction business service provider, secretary, computer hardware adjuster, and office worker. Specialists having acquired the qualification and graduated from the school had an opportunity to continue their studies at Lithuanian higher education institutions under university and college study programmes. The school developed a tight collaboration scheme with Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences and Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences.

The School also had strong social partners, such as: UAB “Doka Lithuania”, UAB “Klaipėdos apdaila”, UAB “Vėtrūna”, UAB “Gitana”, UAB “Klaipėdos baldai”, UAB “Mida”, AB “Wienerberger”, UAB “Eternit Baltic” etc. In these companies the students were able to perform their practise and get employment after graduation.

School community also improved themselves in their professional sphere by participation in the international PHARE, BPD 1.5 and 2.4, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Baltic Sea projects. During the implementation of the projects workshop equipment was renewed, computer classes were installed, practical training facilities erected. Every year teachers and students had an opportunity to train during the visits to foreign countries such as Germany, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey and other.

The beginning of the history of incorporation of Klaipėda Construction School to Public Organisation Klaipėda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Dalia Martišauskienė is the head of the centre from 2015.

Klaipėda Construction School was annexed to Klaipėda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre according to the order No V-555 “Regarding the reorganization of Klaipėda Construction School” of 20th June 2016 by The Ministry of Education and Science. A consolidated centre started its activity from the 1st September 2016.

Since 20th December 2016 the centre was given a new name, it is Klaipėda Vocational Training Centre of Ernestas Galvanauskas

During the time of existence of both institutions a strong training base was created, wide personnel of teachers formed, great collaboration experience was acquired, and the spectrum of training services grew. Vocational training programmes that are performed cover such spheres as art, business and administration, computing, engineering and engineering professions, production and processing, architecture and construction, social services, services to persons, transport services and security services.

The quality of training in the centre is determined by material and technical conditions, which are constantly improved considering the updating of teaching content and the improvement of working conditions of the employees. New directions of activity and new opportunities are constantly being searched and innovations are installed in order to position itself in the competitive environment.

History of Klaipėda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Adult vocational training at Klaipėda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre is provided since 1st February 1972. This date marks the reorganization of Vilnius Auto Transport Training Centre Klaipėda branch into an independent Klaipėda Auto School, which was headed by principle Stanislovas Kekys till 1991.

From 1991 Birutė Dirmotienė was appointed to head the training centre.

In 1992 Lithuanian Labour Market Training and Consulting Authority under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour became the founder of the centre. Sales Employee Training Centre was attached to Auto Transport Training Centre. Drastic changes were made while instilling the training of sales profile.

A new working stage began in 1993. It was developing bonds with foreign training institutions. Participation in local as well as international projects provided an opportunity to position itself in the market. Former Auto Transport Training Centre was reorganized into a multi-profile Labour Market Training Centre. Training service spectrum was started to expand and improve, lots of equipment necessary for training was acquired, active collaboration with private companies, business organisations, Klaipeda University, non-governmental and disability organisations was started. The main sphere of activity was adult vocational training under the training programmes of sales and business administration, information technology, food preparation and processing, handicraft and services, labour safety and ecology in order to prepare a mobile and flexible professional having a high qualification and able to be competitive in the labour market and actively contribute to the development of Lithuanian economics and society.

A lot of attention was given to the integration of the disabled into the labour market. In 2011 after the implementation of the project “Development of vocational infrastructure for disabled persons in the Western Lithuania Region”, Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Disabled Persons was established, where vocational rehabilitation is performed for people with disabilities since May of 2012. In order to use the premises more effectively and provide disabled people with the best possible learning accessibility conditions initial vocational training services under the training programmes of masseur, hotel worker and florist were started to provide in 2012.

Continuing vocational training is performed continually and incessantly in the centre, training process is organised considering the needs of the labour market.

Training centre was the only institution in the whole Region of Western Lithuania that prepared drivers of all categories. This sphere of activity remains one of the most important since the foundation of the institution till present. Transport, warehousing and communications sector practical training centre was established in order to successfully develop initial, additional, dangerous cargo transportation and periodical driver training corresponding to the requirements of European Union directives and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Logistics specialists, warehouse staff, warehouse loader drivers can acquire new competences in the training centre.

The name of the institution was changed seven times from its opening till 2013. Since 2013 the name of the centre is Public Organisation Klaipėda Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre.