For employers

We offer the opportunity for employers to take a student for short-term practice!

Practical training begins after completing the appointed number of hours of theory in the curriculum: first of all – at the educational institution, later on, having acquired the necessary practical skills and abilities – in the real workplace. This is a great opportunity for students to test their strength, apply theoretical knowledge in a real work environment; moreover, employers have the possibility to provide the necessary practical competences for future employees in their professional activity either to improve gained competences at the educational institution, as well.

Employers, who desire students for practice from the labour market training centre in their company, have to make a cooperation contract with the training centre.

The trilateral contract is being made among the educational institution, the employer and the student due to learners’ practical training in the real workplace while organising practical training (according to the order No. A1-140 “Regarding the Approval of the Description of Vocational Training in the Labour Market” of 25th May 2007 by The Minister of Social Insurance and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania).

The employer accepting a trainee, which has been sent by the Labour Exchange, must inform the territorial section of The Board of the State Social Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Social Insurance and Labour about the start of practical training in the company filling out the Social Insurance Form 1 (SD) and completing the SD Form 2 upon completion of the practical training period (see Business News (VŽ), 2007, 68-2711; 2008, No. 92-3677; 2009, No. 131-5715; 2010, No. 157-7129).

Practical training in the real workplace must follow these requirements:

  • There must be operating facilities as provided in the training program in the real workplace;
  • Fully assembled required working tools, other technological tools, personal protective equipment;
  • Students must be given real work assignments in real-life workplaces;
  • The results of the student’s work are assessed in the same manner as the qualified employees of the company;
  • Work performed must correspond to the variety of works provided in the curriculum in real work places;
  • Practical training time is up to 8 hours during the day in the real workplace.

More information on practical training in the real workplace by phone: (8 46) 34 18 12.