Project activity

International collaboration is being successfully developed by Klaipėda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Centre for more than ten years. In the plane of international collaboration the most attention has been given for:

  • improvement of social skills and qualification of pedagogic employees;
  • assimilation and implantation of new training methods;
  • acquisition of new and/or improvement of existing competences;
  • accepting innovative vocational training experiences and implant them in vocational activity.

International collaboration is coordinated by Development Department at Klaipėda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Centre. The scope of its activity is as follows:

  • project preparation and presentation;
  • establishment and publication of project results;
  • supervision of project activity implementation;
  • search of new development opportunities;
  • publication of the provided services;
  • search of partners, keeping in touch with the existing ones.

The Training Centre carries out collaboration with vocational training service providers from such European countries as Greece, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Malta, Norway, Germany and other countries. During the implementation of the projects active collaboration is carried out with local vocational training institutions, employers and employer associations.

While participating in various international projects and programmes Klaipėda Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Centre pursues to engage into the joint network of European Union institutions providing vocational training, strengthen human resources, accumulate and spread experience, implant innovative training methods and ensure the quality of vocational training.