Gymnasium Department

Students aiming to acquire profession and basic or secondary education at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades of the Gymnasium Department are learning subjects according to secondary education programme i.e. Lithuanian language and literature, mathematics, chemistry, physics, history, geography, foreign languages, general physical training, ethics and vocational subjects. Having passed school/state exams and successfully finished 3rd and 4th grade programmes of the Gymnasium students acquire secondary education and receive a General Certificate of Secondary Education. Students having passed the testing of basic education achievements and successfully finished the 2nd grade of the Gymnasium receive the Certificate of Basic Education.

During the third year of study students are taught only those subjects that are related to the chosen profession, they acquire practical skills in various companies of Klaipėda city, republic or foreign companies, pass personal competence evaluation exams and acquire a vocational diploma. Learning at the Gymnasium Department of our training centre is acceptable for those students who have a clear aim in their life to acquire a specific profession and continue their studies in colleges.